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Can no need to choose any size, and will default is 3pcs each model(sure you can still change to any other quantity when click the red "Yes" into your order list),most do not have size 5,11,12 available for wholesale,and women style most do not have size 10,only size 6 to 9,so if no the size you want we will substitute other closer size in stock, thanks for understanding.



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  • Stainless Steel Gold-plating Bracelet - KB157876-KFC Stainless Steel Gold-plating Bracelet - KB157876-KFCWholesale Price: U$11.5
  • SS Jewelry Set(Most Men) - KS191057-KFC SS Jewelry Set(Most Men) - KS191057-KFCWholesale Price: U$14.5
  • SS Jewelry Set(Most Men) - KS191058-KFC SS Jewelry Set(Most Men) - KS191058-KFCWholesale Price: U$11
  • Stainless Steel Bicycle Bracelet - KB100907-K Stainless Steel Bicycle Bracelet - KB100907-KWholesale Price: U$13.56
  • Stainless Steel Bicycle Bracelet - KB46698-D Stainless Steel Bicycle Bracelet - KB46698-DWholesale Price: U$13.38
  • Stainless Steel Bicycle Bracelet - KB46697-D Stainless Steel Bicycle Bracelet - KB46697-DWholesale Price: U$13.38
  • Stainless Steel Gold-plating Bracelet - KB97930-K Stainless Steel Gold-plating Bracelet - KB97930-KWholesale Price: U$14.26
  • Stainless Steel Cross Pendant - KP100084-K Stainless Steel Cross Pendant - KP100084-KWholesale Price: U$11.25
  • Off-price Bracelet - KB157639-KC Off-price Bracelet - KB157639-KCWholesale Price: U$10.75
  • Stainless Steel Gold-plating Bracelet - KB157645-KJX Stainless Steel Gold-plating Bracelet - KB157645-KJXWholesale Price: U$12.5
  • Sterling Silver Necklace - KFN1726-WGJH Sterling Silver Necklace - KFN1726-WGJHWholesale Price: U$13.25
  • Sterling Silver Necklace - KFN1727-WGJH Sterling Silver Necklace - KFN1727-WGJHWholesale Price: U$11.5
  • Sterling Silver Necklace - KFN1728-WGJH Sterling Silver Necklace - KFN1728-WGJHWholesale Price: U$11.5
  • Sterling Silver Bracelet - KFB1027-WGJH Sterling Silver Bracelet - KFB1027-WGJHWholesale Price: U$12.25
  • Sterling Silver Bracelet - KFB1029-WGJH Sterling Silver Bracelet - KFB1029-WGJHWholesale Price: U$18
  • Sterling Silver Bracelet - KFB1033-WGJH Sterling Silver Bracelet - KFB1033-WGJHWholesale Price: U$12.5
  • Sterling Silver Bracelet - KFB1035-WGJH Sterling Silver Bracelet - KFB1035-WGJHWholesale Price: U$13.63
  • Sterling Silver Bracelet - KFB1036-WGJH Sterling Silver Bracelet - KFB1036-WGJHWholesale Price: U$12.75
  • Sterling Silver Bracelet - KFB1037-WGJH Sterling Silver Bracelet - KFB1037-WGJHWholesale Price: U$12.13
  • Sterling Silver Bracelet - KFB1038-WGJH Sterling Silver Bracelet - KFB1038-WGJHWholesale Price: U$13
  • Sterling Silver Bracelet - KFB1042-WGJH Sterling Silver Bracelet - KFB1042-WGJHWholesale Price: U$11.88
  • Sterling Silver Bracelet - KFB1043-WGJH Sterling Silver Bracelet - KFB1043-WGJHWholesale Price: U$11.13
  • Sterling Silver Bracelet - KFB1044-WGJH Sterling Silver Bracelet - KFB1044-WGJHWholesale Price: U$11.75
  • Sterling Silver Bracelet - KFB1045-WGJH Sterling Silver Bracelet - KFB1045-WGJHWholesale Price: U$10.75
  • Sterling Silver Bracelet - KFB1046-WGJH Sterling Silver Bracelet - KFB1046-WGJHWholesale Price: U$10.75
  • IP Black Plating Cuban Link Chain Bracelets shiny For Men - KB49339-D IP Black Plating Cuban Link Chain Bracelets shiny For Men - KB49339-DWholesale Price: U$10.26
  • punk fashion stainless steel gold plated jewelry male bracelet - KB49297-D punk fashion stainless steel gold plated jewelry male bracelet - KB49297-DWholesale Price: U$10.26
  • Stainless Steel Cufflink - KC1081-WGLS Stainless Steel Cufflink - KC1081-WGLSWholesale Price: U$10.25
  • Stainless Steel Cufflink - KC1082-WGLS Stainless Steel Cufflink - KC1082-WGLSWholesale Price: U$10.25
  • Stainless Steel Cufflink - KC1083-WGLS Stainless Steel Cufflink - KC1083-WGLSWholesale Price: U$10.25
  • Stainless Steel Bracelet(Men) - KB39767-D Stainless Steel Bracelet(Men) - KB39767-DWholesale Price: U$17.56
  • Stainless Steel Bracelet - KB37170-D Stainless Steel Bracelet - KB37170-DWholesale Price: U$10.49
  • Copper Metaverse NFT Pendant - KP100014-WGJA Copper Metaverse NFT Pendant - KP100014-WGJAWholesale Price: U$12.5
  • Copper Metaverse NFT Pendant - KP100015-WGJA Copper Metaverse NFT Pendant - KP100015-WGJAWholesale Price: U$12.5
  • Copper Metaverse NFT Pendant - KP100016-WGJA Copper Metaverse NFT Pendant - KP100016-WGJAWholesale Price: U$10.75
  • Copper Metaverse NFT Pendant - KP100017-WGJA Copper Metaverse NFT Pendant - KP100017-WGJAWholesale Price: U$10.75
  • Copper Metaverse NFT Pendant - KP100018-WGJA Copper Metaverse NFT Pendant - KP100018-WGJAWholesale Price: U$10.75
  • Copper Metaverse NFT Pendant - KP100019-WGJA Copper Metaverse NFT Pendant - KP100019-WGJAWholesale Price: U$10.75
  • Copper Metaverse NFT Pendant - KP100020-WGJA Copper Metaverse NFT Pendant - KP100020-WGJAWholesale Price: U$10.75
  • Copper Metaverse NFT Pendant - KP100021-WGJA Copper Metaverse NFT Pendant - KP100021-WGJAWholesale Price: U$10.75
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