Mid-Autumn Festival & National Day Holidays

The next coming Mid-Autumn Festival & National Day Holidays will be from Sep. 30th to Oct 4th, so in these 5 days we can not deliver your goods, all of us and express will not work too, please note that, thanks.

Now before the Mid-Autumn Festival & National Day Holidays, still have some days but sure the time is urgent, so if you still do not have enough stock or want to make new orders, please do it asap in these short days, thanks.

Important Notice! 

In this special period of Coronovirus, you and we are in very very very hard time, because the influence of Coronovirus, our some customers cancel the orders after we prepared the products,we can understand the hardship, but that also cause much goods cost, human cost and warehouse cost, so start now (From Apri 9th until the worldwide situation turn better), all customers submit the new order, please sure you can receive the goods in your country, and please pay us 30% deposit at firstly, then we will start to prepare your goods, for inconvenient, hope you can understand, thanks ! Hope you and us can all get through this hard time very well !!

Jimmy Lau(Owner Wechat / WhatsApp: 0086 13512753736)
Best Regard           
Kalen Company Limited             

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    • Stainless Steel Leather Bracelet - KB134610-KFC Stainless Steel Leather BraceletWholesale Price: US$5.66
    • SS Gold-Plating Necklace - KN111209-KJX SS Gold-Plating NecklaceWholesale Price: US$27.46
    • Stainless Steel Gold-plating Ring - KR91531-K Stainless Steel Gold-plating RingWholesale Price: US$2.26
    • Stainless Steel Lover Ring - KR91538-K Stainless Steel Lover RingWholesale Price: US$4.98
    • Stainless Skull Bracelet - KB135324-Z Stainless Skull BraceletWholesale Price: US$10.26
    • Copper Necklace - KN112431-WGHH Copper NecklaceWholesale Price: US$4.66
    • Stainless Steel Bracelet(Men) - KB135618-KJX Stainless Steel Bracelet(Men)Wholesale Price: US$9.16
    • Stainless Steel Bicycle Bracelet - KB135694-KFC Stainless Steel Bicycle BraceletWholesale Price: US$7.46
    • Stainless Steel Bracelet(Men) - KB134785-KFC Stainless Steel Bracelet(Men)Wholesale Price: US$4.98
    • Stainless Steel Bangle - KB136237-KFC Stainless Steel BangleWholesale Price: US$2.86

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    • Leather Bracelet - KB134667-KFC Leather BraceletWholesale Price: US$5.08
    • Leather Bracelet - KB134668-KFC Leather BraceletWholesale Price: US$4.59
    • Leather Bracelet - KB134669-KFC Leather BraceletWholesale Price: US$4.59
    • Stainless Steel Black-plating Ring - KR92009-GC Stainless Steel Black-plating RingWholesale Price: US$2.42
    • Stainless Steel Black-plating Ring - KR92017-GC Stainless Steel Black-plating RingWholesale Price: US$2.66
    • Stainless Steel Gold-plating Ring - KR91796-GC Stainless Steel Gold-plating RingWholesale Price: US$1.45
    • Stainless Steel Gold-plating Ring - KR91798-GC Stainless Steel Gold-plating RingWholesale Price: US$1.45
    • Stainless Steel Gold-plating Ring - KR91800-GC Stainless Steel Gold-plating RingWholesale Price: US$1.45
    • Stainless Steel Gold-plating Ring - KR91802-GC Stainless Steel Gold-plating RingWholesale Price: US$2.18
    • Stainless Steel Gold-plating Ring - KR92010-GC Stainless Steel Gold-plating RingWholesale Price: US$2.42
    • Stainless Steel Gold-plating Ring - KR92016-GC Stainless Steel Gold-plating RingWholesale Price: US$2.66


    Why buy wholesale goods from us?

    Our Advantagewe:
    1. China Manufacturer Over 10 Years;
    2. Wholesale Low Price;
    3. Mixed Order Accepted;
    4. Enough Stocks Available;
    5. OEM/ODM/Drop Shipping;
    6. Paypal Accepted;
    7. DHL/UPS/EMS/FEDEX Good Service;
    8. Over 100 Countries in the world buy from us now;
    9. New Arrivals Each Week. (Pay attension to the Article of "News");
    10. Prompt Order & Fast Delivery-Within 24-72 hours.
    Q1: What is the level discount of the total amount? (Better discount than other suppliers from China)
    1: US$ 500 -- US$ 999 == 3%
    2: US$ 1000 -- US$ 1999 == 4% ;
    3: US$ 2000 -- US$ 2999 == 5% ;
    4: US$ 3000 -- US$ 3999 == 6% ;
    5: US$ 4000 -- US$ 4999 == 7% ;
    6: US$ 5000 -- US$ 6999 == 8% ;
    7: US$ 7000 -- US$ 9999 == 9% ;
    8: US$ 10000 or more, E-mail us for more detailed quotation.
    Q2: Why I can trust you? If you didn't send me the order?
    We are under law of P.R.C, are big manufacturer & wholesaler, and paypal will protect your transaction.
    Q3: What's material of your jewelry?
    Most are 316L stainless steel, some are 304L, and some are other mxed material like leather, plastic and so on.
    Q4: How much shipping cost I need to pay for the order?
    It mainly depands on order weight (volume weight), you can read more of our “Shipping” Catalogue at our website.
    Q5: How long will it take to deliver after payment?
    Wholesale Stock Orders (except OEM orders) will be delivered within 24 hours after payment verified.
    Q6: What should I do after payment?
    Keep attention on your registered email box, thanks.


    Mario Veliz( 190.104.115.*** )2017-1-09 05:47 post

    Thank you for these almost 4 years of attentions and good service, the best service, the best product, a great family, a great team, thank you KALEN friends. Best wishes for this 2017 to all

    Kittymarquina( 187.190.11.*** )2016-3-15 07:52 post

    Congratulations for your wonderful attention. The products are of high quality and more beautiful than in photographs. Kristy has left me pleasantly surprised. My most sincere compliments for her and for the whole team that supports it. Thnks

    alizejo( 173.54.93.*** )2016-2-06 08:57 post

    I am very happy with your services and products so happy I found this Great Company! I am in love with your work!

    jessica1( 190.87.13.*** )2015-12-25 04:15 post

    Estoy muy feliz con su servicio, no los cambiaria por nadie..... felicidades¡¡¡¡

    anewwindow@gmail.com( 151.56.246.*** )2015-11-18 02:16 post

    Amin I have received my product today and they are worderful. your delivery was so quickly. I am happy and I like to continue working with you.

    anewwindow@gmail.com( 151.56.246.*** )2015-11-18 02:11 post

    HI, Today I have received my product. Products are wonderful and I love them. I am going to give more order. Kalen delivered me so quickly.I am happy.

    jessica malca( 190.43.61.*** )2015-11-05 10:16 post

    ADD THE ORDER A1511051007-312. PLEACE

    Checira Dugarte( 186.5.164.*** )2015-8-24 18:33 post

    Hola, yo inclui un pedido el sabado, esperaba tener respuesta hoy. Mi nombre es Checira Dugarte. Gracias

    mirdona( 178.132.221.*** )2015-7-03 21:56 post

    Hi I am happy that I found you and my business is going great with your products.

    Zubery( 179.4.37.*** )2015-4-28 06:16 post

    hola soy de chile y tengo unas dudas a la hora de pagar, el envió como se cobra ya que no me sale en el detalle, solo me sale el valor de los productos, y si alguien sabe cuanto se demora en llegar.

    kirilove( 190.87.163.*** )2015-3-06 08:30 post

    Muy confiable y muy buena calidad!. Saludos desde ES Centro America.

    mtinoco_1990( 24.153.149.*** )2015-3-02 20:26 post

    You guys are awesome! I love the quality of your products, its fantastic and your customer service is very encouraging. I can say Im verry satisfied. Thanks

    Pamela_asdv( 190.100.108.*** )2015-2-26 12:09 post

    me podria contactar con vivi y rose,gracias

    Pamela_asdv( 190.100.108.*** )2015-2-26 11:55 post

    nose como hacerlo de otra manera que por visa ,mastercard o tarjeta de mi banco

    Pamela_asdv( 190.100.108.*** )2015-2-26 11:54 post

    hola,como puedo pagar mi envio? quise hacerlo con tarjeta bancaria y no la recibe,me gustaría me orientaran para poder agilizar mi compra

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