Father's Day Flowers

Flowers are a wonderful gift of nature. Everyone likes them. Flowers portray love, happiness, joy and all the other positive emotions. Since time immemorial flowers have been an integral part of every celebration and festival.

But there has been a misconception. Flowers are mainly associated with feminine gender. It is forgotten that men to have a soft side to them. Gift your father a bouquet of flowers on Father's Day and he surely will be overjoyed. Flowers, especially architectural and bold like tropical flowers, which are masculine, long lasting, tall and sturdy like the fathers usually are, can be given. White and Red Rose are known to be the official flowers of Father's Day. People wear a white rose to honor a father who has deceased and a red rose for a father who is living.

Men love bright, hot, bold and aggressive colors like yellows, oranges, purples and reds and the arrangements that they go for are mostly the linear ones that are in sync with their organized, calculating mind. They also love the natural and contemporary floral bouquets that are stylish and trendy. One may opt for roses, daisies or exotic flowers, if only one keeps the color theme in mind. Vivid red roses and yellow daisies are loved by most men and thus make ideal flowers to be gifted on Father's Day.

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