Merits of titanium

Merits of titanium

     Titanium is a king of rare metal element and often used for the manufacture of planes and rockets due to its weight less but structure greater than other metals.

     1)Is able to resist the corrosion of body secretion without poison, and can be widely used for medical apparatuses and body implantation.
     2)Is able to motivate phagocytic cells and enhance body'immunizing  power.
     3)Is not irritable to skin or be impaired even in contact with skin for long.
     4)Is the sole metal that's no influence on vegetative nervous and  taste sense.
     5)Is able to keep original color and luster lifelong even in seawater in normal temperature.
     6)Has small density,high strength.
     7)For a long time,titanium metal has been deemed, in the photocatalyst, as antifungal,not liable for irritation,excellent in biological adaptation and helpfui for blood circulation etc.










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