Urgent Email Address Changed Notice!

Dear All,
    Very Urgent Important Notice! From now on from May 31stwe will begin to change our Kalen company email address, the new email address now we will use is sskalen@sskalen.com (like our website sskalen.com ),  we will not use such all the below old gmail e-mail address again in the future, they are( sskalen@gmail.com & sskalen.sales@gmail.com & sskalen.alibaba@gmail.com  & sskalen.s1@gmail.com & sskalen.s3@gmail.com & sskalen.fashion@gmail.com ).
    Due to our Kalen Company changed a new Mail System, can be used by many staff members at the same time, then just need one e-mail address ( sskalen@sskalen.com ) is ok now, and will be more safety in the future, please note that, thanks.
    But our paypal account is still the same sskalen@gmail.com as before , not change, don't worry, just the contact email is changed to the new one sskalen@sskalen.com, thanks. 

Very Urgent!  Important Notice!
    Until now our company Kalen Jewelry only have one website name of www.sskalen.com, no any more again!
     All others which looked similar like us are not ours, even with our company logo Kalen on the domain name,  all they copy us, we are the Original Kalen Jewelry,  please note that, thanks.
    We are the biggest stainless steel wholesaler and factory in China, we offer very fast and good service, and lots of hot items/new styles in stock, and offer best price, also honest businessman, large registered company, not personal, until now lots of customers from many over 100 different countries already buy from us,  you are lucky and clever choosing to do business with us ......
     One more thing, good news, in the future, please use the Google Chrome Browser to open our website, and you can see at the top of each page, can use the Google Translate to translate directly now, any language you can translate to, please go to check it, thanks ......
Kalen Jewelry Company Limited

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