Urgent Website Server Problem Notice

Dear all customers,

Our website will be finished the rebuilding soon, if no problem again, the fast on 15th it means at our China afternoon time--Europe's 15th noon time--USA'S 15th moring time you can make your order online in our website already, now today 14th is still not ready, please wait for us.

From the date Jun.8th after our website server was suddenly hacked by third party heavyly, really too heavy, all the data of our website was lost at once, then our website can not work well again as before from 8th ............ too bad, anyway, lucky that we still saved some old not updated website data in our computer, but already 7 months not updated data from the end of last year 2008, most of the new pictures still not adding into the website, then from 10th later time after we confirmed all the data of our website was lost we began to rebuild our website again, adding all the new pictures about 8600 styles into our website one by one ....... until now after 4-5 days' very hard work most of the new pictures nearly already all adding into our website for ordering soon, please give us one more day then all will be ready, after ready we will update the news in our website at once, then you can make your order online in our website again, all will be the same as before, so now please wait for us some more hours, thanks.

Hope can get your new order soon, sure hope big order soon after waiting us one week ........... thanks for your understanding during our hard time these days.

Kalen Jewelry


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