Coming National Day (10.1st) Holiday Notice

Hi, every customers
From Sep.30th to Oct.7th total 7 days are our China National Day Holiday, all the express in China will no work in these holidays, can not deliver any goods, please note that, thanks.
And for us, our Kalen Company Limited will have 4 days holiday too, from Sep.30th to Oct.3rd we will not work too, can not prepare your order in these holidays, but from 4th to 7th we can prepare your order again, then when all ready the parcels can be sent you on 7th asap, just can not send you any goods from Sep.30th to Oct.7th, please note that, thanks.
So please keep to make orders as usual if you need, anytime is ok, just during our holidays your orders will be delayed a few days to confirm and deliver, please forgive that, thanks.
Now before holidays from our China time 26th to 29th, still have 3-4 days (not USA time), if you want to make an urgent order, please do asap ...................
Kalen Jewelry

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